Frequently Asked Questions

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Is it legal compliant with Facebook terms and conditions?

The app was designed to be legal compliant with Facebook terms and conditions for organizing competitions. Rules of the contest itself are prepared by a lawyer, you can just edit several highlighted fields, or if you want you can add your own rules.

I'm interested in your app, can I try it?

Of course! You can try it out, set it as you like and also add it to your Facebook page for FREE – try it

I wonder how you have the competition secured and how it is protected against cheaters?

Our app is completely secured, provided with encryption and SSL certificate, which is also used by banks in internet bankings. We requires login with the Facebook account for participation. This excludes the participation of robots and can not be voted by just email addresses like in other competitions that can be easily bypassed by proxy servers. You can also see IP addresses for every photo, vote and participant.

How viral propagation works?

The contest works according the rules that you define. Then people can ask friends for votes for their photo. This is the way how the contest is spreading virally. We recommend you set up the contest way that you will also want to participate it. This will increase the activity of the participants and the overall success of the contest.

Is the app working on mobile devices?

Yes, the app is working from mobile devices and is fully responsive. App will generate a link to share the contest and automatically recognize the users device. By doing so, it redirects users to your Facebook page or directly to the app from your mobile device.

How much app cost?

We do not want you to buy “hare in a sack”. That’s why we’ll be glad to let you try the app first in the admin section. You can also add the contest to your Facebook page for FREE. We have the fee for activation of the contest so that participants can add photos and vote. You can choose whether you are more comfortable paying for a monthly subscription or “pay as you go” for new participants in contest database only. For more information, please check pricing HERE

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How difficult is it to install and create a contest, do I need a developer?

It is very easy, you can handle it within few minutes. Here is the link. If anything was not clear to you or you needed our assistance, please ask us and we will be happy to help you.

What contest settings can I change?

You can customize almost everything. From changing graphics, text, language choices, user and photo management, voting settings, pages, and much more. You can also edit the CSS (cascading style sheets) so you can achieve a completely custom design of the contest. With CSS any element of a competition can be changed, modified, moved, or even hidden.

I would like to upload photos only by myself, is it possible?

Yes, it is possible. You can set the maximum number of photos uploaded by the user in the app. When you enter 0, you will only be able to upload photos as an admin.

I need to launch the contest as soon as possible. How long does it take to install and run the contest?

You can edit the texts, graphics, settings and add the app to your Facebook page within a few minutes. You do not have to wait for anything and if you already know campaign concept, you can run it in a few moments.

How is it ensured that visitors become fans?

There are elements that are trying to convert visitors and participants to the fans. Contests will attract a large number of visitors and then it is up to you to get them by high quality content on your page. How to run a successful contest?.

What if I do not have thousands of fans, but only a few?

It does not matter at all. Contest app and its promotion through an advertising campaign get their own fans. Of course, it is a good idea to encourage the campaign to get the most out of it before it start spreading viral itself.

How long should the contest last?

The recommended length of the competition is about 1 month. This is a sufficient length to maximize sharing and spreading effects. Competitions can take 14 days or even several months. It only depends on you how you can handle the campaign so that it is always interesting for the participants.

I have more Facebook pages to run one contest, is it possible?

Yes, we are trying to meet all the requirements of our clients. For more detailed information about running an app on multiple pages, please contact us by email.

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I noticed the payment option just for the new users, how does it work?

This means that you only pay for activation 39€ and then 79€ for every 1000 new participants in your contest. With this subscription you are not limited by time. App requires login with Facebook to add a photo and vote, so you have a database of all users under control. Users means all voters, participants and contestants who logged in.

With a competing app I've seen a likegate and automatic post sharing, can your apps do it too?

In the fall of 2014, Facebook disabled these features and we had to adapt to change. If you have seen it in competitors app, it is a deceptive advertisement of something that can not work and it is also against the Facebook terms and conditions.

I have some suggestions for improvement. Who should I tell?

We will be grateful for any comments or suggestions for improvement! Do not hesitate to contact us by email.

Several thousand people participated in my contest. What should I do now?

Congratulations! In the admin section you can download the email database of all contest participants, which you can work with for any marketing purposes such as remarketing or newsletter campaigns.

What do you do with users databases from previous contests? Can I buy them?

You can not. We do not sell or access the database in any other way to third parties. Your user contest database is just yours and it is up to you how you handle it.

Will contest automatically declare the winner?

Our app is focused on flexibility and we try to leave our clients free. We can not define how many winner places a client wants to have. It is up to you to reward the first three, five or ten contestants. You can also choose a winner each week, draw the winner or select by a jury. You can find the Winners tab in the admin section and you can list all the winners at the end of the contest.

Is it possible to arrange customized editing with you?

Yes, it is possible to arrange for specific modifications with us. For an idea of the required functionality, please contact us by email.


You can try and install the photo contest to your Facebook page for FREE